Friday, January 1, 2021

The New Day

I am grateful for: 

Ability to create. 

         Beauty all around me.

     Courage to change.

I began the New Year with my ongoing morning practices of journaling, Qi Gong and Meditation which set the tone for my being. After enjoying a wonderful breakfast of cheese blintzes with an improvised pear sauce and veggie sausage, I opened my guitar case.After setting an blank score on the desk the muse responded with an idea that I think can work with an idea that arrived earlier this week. 

Moving onto playing through Day Two … and practicing the middle section of Searching. Both of these are new pieces.Thinking about the set for the Home Songs Forever gig on Jan 11th at 2pm EST. David would like the 4 piece sets to be different each time. I’ll be performing with them 5 times next year.  Should I perform Senseless Loss for the first date arose in my mind so I reviewed the piece.  

                                       Photo by John Golby

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