Tuesday, January 26, 2021


Morning practice set the tone for my day. As we completed our Qi Gong practice my wife choose Focus as the word for today. With this as my guide I honed in on the subtleties of When Am I? Also focused on some difficult transitions in Searching. An email arrived with a challenge from one of the members of the Ravens which had me hooking up some effects to a mixer in the basement. I'll see what arises. Been a long time since I played with effects but always did love the process. 

A session led my Curt Golden in the afternoon gave me some ideas to pursue that will strengthen melodic construction. Great to have some many people in my wife that work at their craft and generously share with others. After dinner I taught our Five Animal Play Qi Gong class and have one to teach for the AAD in the morning. Life is good. Need to get in 10 more minutes of practice before bedtime.

Image by John Goalby

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