Monday, January 24, 2011

Begin With A Wish

Stroove, Co. Donegal

Within the constraints of a busy three day weekend, I was making progress on my musical "to do" list, when a team of microbes began munching on my lungs.  Their biochemistry interpenetrating mine; eliciting aches, coughs, and general malaise.  Fortunately I had a brief practice session in the early morning yesterday, and another one in the afternoon, before the microbes hit critical mass.

I went to pick up my guitar in the evening, as I had canceled my plans to join the sangha, but when I looked at the case, I knew I was in no condition to connect with my guitar.  I wish it was this easy when I have to connect with certain people, to just let go and tend to my needs.  With developing my awareness through meditation, Qi Gong, and the Alexander Technique, I have better strategies to assess where I am.  Knowing where I am, I may also have a sense of how I am. And then, I may see my choice of action.  This falls into the "music of life," an area like guitar where I continue to practice  Beginning with the wish is sufficient I suppose.  Once I had a wish to play music and now I do.

Begin with a wish - for my neck to be free, to be aware of my thinking, or to bring joy into our world. What are you wishing for?

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