Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do Not Censor

I woke in the middle of the night with this thought - Do Not Censor.  I wrote it down and went back to sleep.  Saw it again while dressing, and then off to a very long day at the office.  A couple times this thought came back to me today.

Do Not Censor is what I have done when music appears to be whispering to me.  Rather than judge the notes as to not be interesting enough or to decide that I am not skilled enough to develop them, I merely play with the notes.  They guide me or not, but I follow where I am able.  Occasionally the creative spark is so great that I see the way to complete the piece.

Do Not Censor holds for this blog also.  I never considered myself a write and still do not.  But I keep pushing the publish button.  The words appear and I follow, the best that I am able.  Knowing that some posts are better than others, I continue to move forward.  Getting out of the way the best that I am able.  Knowing that the spark needs me to gather the kindling.

Are you censoring yourself?


  1. Yes. But, in my case, you know...

  2. Daily journaling is where I learned to stop censoring in my writing. It is so freeing to have some art form, some place in one's life where it is possible to share thoughts, feelings, notes, words without censorship. Keep it up!