Monday, January 3, 2011

What Gets Caught in the Web?

early in the morning

Just like the spider creates a silken web to capture his food, the musician also constructs a web.  My musical silk is composed of a certain facility with the instrument, some theory, careful listening, and a strong desire to connect  with music.  The silk becomes stronger with continued practice, slowly learning more about music, the guitar, and myself.  What is the role of an open heart I wonder?  An innocent ear?  Love?

Patiently, at least most days, I pick up my guitar not knowing if music will appear.  I hear myself asking "If I stop caring about music appearing, will music flow more easily?"  Another subtle manipulation of my mind looking for an easier way to connect.  Laughing at myself, I know it's time to clear my mind and play.  So simple, yet so challenging.  What gets caught in the web - music or the mind?

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