Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moments of Release

Our word for the day during Qi Gong practice today was - Release.  Many times during this day, "release" returned to guide and assist me.  Often through my application of the Alexander Technique and my awareness cultivated by finding my breath.  Below are a few moments when "release" entered the day.

Release my neck.

Release the notes.

Release my left hand fingers from the fretboard.

Release others to be free.

Release judgement.

Release the brake.

Watching the ice release from car roofs in front of me. 

Release  my expectations.

Release my spine.

Release kindness.

Release desire.

Release my breath.

Release judgement.

Release judgement. (I wonder how many of these I have missed.)

Release my neck and pelvis.

Release my history with another. (perhaps a variation on release judgement.)

Releasing nasty and vindictive thoughts.

Releasing demands on myself.

Release love.

Release my guitar from the case.

Release my heart into music.

Release this blog post.

I noticed today that release invites freedom into my life, into life.  What can you release?