Friday, January 28, 2011

Warming Up

Carlos Santana

The flu is slowly loosening it's grip on my system, thanks to rest, fluids, medications, & warmth. At least until the power went out on 8:30pm Wednesday night, due to a very wet snowstorm, snapping tree limbs throughout the DC Metro area.  Nearly 48 hours later, we still have not had power restored to our home, and have taken shelter with a friend. 

While still layered up at home yesterday, I began coming back to a relationship with my body that was more than covering my cough and noticing how fatigued I was.  Occasionally during the past two days when standing I would work with connecting with my body via AT, but would quickly let go of the effort.  Yesterday as I approached my guitar, I did give myself the directions, noticing my body seeming to enjoy being invited to lengthen and widen.  The invitation calling to my health.  Finding the energy within my hands once again, I slowly played the same note, slightly varying the attack and duration.  Enjoying listening to my sweet guitar.  Too many layers on my upper body to feel the vibrations, but listening to them was delightful.

Yesterday was the 90th day anniversary of the passing of our dear friend Jay Bott, so I played through Broken Wing, a piece inspired by him.  I savored the very act of playing, especially this piece on this day.  Life changes so suddenly, here I am with no electricity nor heat; yet others, just as quickly are without love or life.  Yes, I am a fortunate man, I remind myself.  Such a rich life, so full of wonder, health, learning, and love; that even in my weakened state I can easily find gratitude.

From here I moved onto working with Nick' Song, which has a beginning and a middle, but the ending has remained elusive.  When I had briefly played my guitar the evening before, I looked at Nick's Song and thought I had found the first chords of a new direction.  And I had.  Yesterday, an ending flowed out of me.  I played it through a couple times, and as the sun was setting, I notated the chord forms by candlelight.  Seemed a fitting end to this particular piece.

After this brief, but heart warming practice,  we heated our soup and dined with candles.  We then packed our car and drove to a nearby friends home, relishing the heat and the friendship.

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