Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Cageian View

I've been reading, Begin Again: A Biography of John Cage, by Kenneth Silverman.  What a man, constantly striving to allow what is, through his music, writing, and being.  I met John Cage twice; he was truly a gentle man, making himself available to someone like me, once only because I asked.

He worked extensively with creating mesostics, a form of poetry, usually drawing from the works of others.  Over the years I have played with this idea, sometimes using Cage's writing, sometimes others.  Recently, I've been playing with mesostics and the twitter stream.  Today I used John Cage to "write through" the blog this month.  This was what I found.  I took one line or word from post beginning with What Get's Caught in the Web? and then moved to the next post for the next line.

            inviting freedOm
                               wHen i returned
     this did not happeN
                       get praCticing
                   still primArily
                    do not cEnsor

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