Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Stimulus of Anticipation

For the past two months my life has been played fast at a volume of 10.  Now the day after the last major professional task is done, my body twitches.  Looking, almost needing to create pressure on myself.  Though tired I had to get out of bed and stretch.  I suspect a nap or two is in my future, but for now I found it hard to even complete an AT lie down.  Physics tells us that an object in motion prefers to remain in motion, and today my body is this object. 

Day after day I practice returning to the Present Moment using Mindfulness Meditation, Qi Gong, the Alexander Technique.  In the midst of the pressures of life, these moments of return during my day, where I reconnect with what is real and true, are precious and sustain me.  Now here today, with no looming major professional event(s) on my horizon, I crave the stimulus of anticipation.  I did a little Qi Gong, sat for a few minutes, and then moved to a lie down.  None of them were satisfying, unable to maintain my discipline that has been developed over decades.  Which brings me back to my favorite Guitar Craft aphorism We Begin Again Constantly. 

My wife is now awake and soon I'll practice Qi Gong and sitting with her.  The power of a sangha, even if it is only one other person; whose energy, commitment, and practice can permeate mine.  Perhaps I'll play a song or two while I wait for her.  Connection remains key.  Connection with my body, my aims, the Present Moment, with Music and Life.  Letting go of the unnecessary demands I am creating for myself today, and embracing what is important - right now!

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