Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How Did That Happen?

After three hours in a recording studio today, my body was a wreck.  Five friendly microphones capturing every nuance of my playing, intended or not.  Good work was done by myself, the engineer and the mics, but my neck was sore and my body cramped.  How did this happen?  I worked with my breath, stretched and even worked a bit with the Alexander Technique directions.  Obviously not enough attention was given to how I used myself.  Understandable.  New situation with a new person and the subtle pressures of recording.

I will continue to learn, apply and move forward.  A walk and some Qi Gong along Sligo Creek began the restoration.  A nap followed by teaching the first session of Sunlight Qi Gong at the Takoma Park Community Center completed the release of unnecessary tension.  The work continues.  I am grateful for the daily disciplines that guide me.  As the aphorism states - we begin again constantly.

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