Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Live at the Electric Maid 

Taking a break from practice this morning, I was organizing my desk when I came across my notes form Phillipe Petite's Creativity: The Perfect Crime.  Interesting character who does high wire walks outdoors.  One nugget I wrote down is territory is a three dimensional detail.  This holds true for a stage also.  As I'll be on one this coming Sunday night 4/12/15 at the Electric Maid beginning at 7pm, Petite got me thinking about the details.  Shall I perform standing or seated.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages for me.  What best serves the music is the question I must consider.  I have more freedom in my body when I stand & play, but for a 40 minute set my focus is better seated.  When I stand I sometimes I move into positions that compromise my playing, yet when I sit I stiffen.  Both could be an option, but would require a different set of details to be worked out.

Besides having some new material for this show I'll be joined by Naan Violence ( ) does wonderful sitar instrumentals, sometimes with drone and is on a label that specializes in cassette tapes and avant garde music. And Jon Camp ( or ) will be performing solo electric guitar instrumental compositions. One critic said of him "Jon Camp's short but fully formed compositions have a time traveling effect on the listener. These songs inhabit their own world...."

Overall a great night of music.  Come on out, support the artists and support the Electric Maid.  A bit about the Electric Maid - this is neither a bar nor a restaurant. Just a nice space to come out & hear live music.  Let's help to keep the doors open of this one of a kind venue located mere steps from the Takoma Park Metro Station. 

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