Thursday, April 9, 2015


Standing on the Earth, I am rooted in the Earth, rooted in the tradition, and nourished by Love.  If I play music with attention, I can share and grow Love.  With my feet standing on the Earth, my arms, hands, & fingers embrace the guitar as my mind engages with the impossible.  Harmony being nurtured and fostered by an open heart and awareness of my breath.  Rooted, alive and full of aspiration.  Asking for help along the way and being grateful for that which comes.

First one note, then another.  First hope, second understanding, then love follows the unseen score.  Faith in the unknown reconciles the trials of tribulation of hours of practice and the possible public failure.  One step, one practice session and then many many others.  Vibrations sounding, attracting and inviting all that is.  But first I must pick up the guitar, then ask for help.

Free this coming Sunday 4/12/15 at 7pm.  Support with your ears is welcome and needed.  More information at the link below.

Photo by Fred Bigio


  1. I believe each of us has a place to root. Might seem uninhabitable to the rest of the population but it's their place. When we recognize that place, we are blessed.

  2. I was watching someone sing on The Voice a couple of nights ago and thought of your post about connecting or being rooted. I could feel it in the performance.

    I would love to see you and the others perform. Alas, we are on the wrong coast, but rooted in the right place for now. :-)

  3. Your words and musical spirit take us on such a lovely journey..many thanks for sharing..lessings in all you do.est,estelle..