Monday, April 20, 2015

Listening to Now

A note has a beginning,  a middle, and an end.  Some notes and pieces of music are so exquisitely played that we never want them to end.  But they do - impermanence - everything changes. Do we so yearn for the music that has been played divinely that we dwell in the past, thus missing our present moment?  Or do we fret about how to repeat that experience in the future, again missing our present moment?

Can I listen to every note, every sound, as a bell of mindfulness inviting me to wake up - Now?

Photo by Kenny Louie


  1. that's happened. We become so enamored of the 'perfection' of one place, one moment, one event, that we never move on. We never grow.

  2. Absolutely Mona, until we wake up again ... and again ... and ...