Thursday, April 2, 2015

Let My Fingers Be Free

While practicing the Earthly Circles, a Qi Gong, exercise this morning, the thought arose in me to let my fingers be free.  Just let the fingers flow.  Allow them to follow the path the body has put into motion.  Let the energy move through the fingers from within and to them from the Earth.  Waking up to this exercise I practice most days in a new way I was grateful for this little articulation.  I reflected on our session with Master Li on Tuesday night.

His hands move so beautifully, his whole being actually.  My wife noted that his hands seem to always express his intention and I have to agree.  I have learned particular forms, understand to the underlying principles, but have quite a ways to go to embody the intention as Master Li does.  Establishing free fingers in my Qi Gong exercises will establish free hands.  With time this will be transferred to the guitar, in fact this has been happening in increments over time.  Back to work. 

Photo by D Mallen

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