Monday, April 6, 2015

The Obstacle is the Path

While walking along Sligo Creek on this beautiful spring day, I paused in wonder as the sun dances upon the ripples of the creek.  A favorite little spot of mine where the rocks stimulate the flow of the creek, causing her to sing and delight.  Watching the water flow about the rocks the Zen Proverb the obstacle is the path arose in my thinking.  Before me I had an illustrated example with sound bites to confirm this wisdom.

Gazing at the creek I wondered about the obstacles I face regularly.  Habits, emotions and lack of knowledge immediately sprung to mind followed by a dose of gratitude that I have daily discipline to address these as they arise.  Not seeing when my habits, emotions or lack of knowledge is the obstacle is a subtler more challenging one.  Yes their are other obstacles, physical, financial and loss. The disciplines also work with these so long as I aim to remain on the path.  Keep trudging.


  1. Wonderful word picture. I can see it in my mind, although my mental picture of Sligo Creek (which I've not seen) looks a lot more like creeks in Wisconsin and Australia and Kentucky where the beautiful water sounds are made as the flow makes its way around the obstacles.

    My awareness is pretty high right now, so that phrase really resonates with me. It may come up in my blog posts this month on the A to Z challenge, since my overall topic is acceptance.

    Another lovely post, Patrick.

  2. what I am finding, between A to Z blogging, as well as the Your Turn Challenge, is a willingness on the part of the bloggers to dig deep into their lives and share what they find