Monday, January 5, 2015

Be the Craft

I sat with my guitar this morning for a few minute before playing.  Connecting with myself via the Alexander Technique directions; finding my breath and my wish. I recalled a statement made by Sister Jewel in a Dharma Talk she gave at the Washington Mindfulness Community last year.  She was struggling with a close relationship, wanting to help, when she saw that she needed to be a Buddha, not a Buddhist.

Holding that thought for a moment I began to play.  Alert, relaxed, and present, when the thought arrived - Be the Craft, not a Craftie.  This carried me through a short but spirited practice session and a bit of a breakthrough with a new piece that is developing.  Then I returned to rest, allowing the melodic idea to percolate.

During this session I taped two versions of this new adaptation of The Choice.  Generally I'll do this to save an idea, in case I need to refer to it later.  I tend not to listen to these early versions as frequently the unsure execution  can take me out of the music.  Judging the music unfairly.. Today, perhaps as part of trusting The Craft, I did listen to the recording away from the guitar.  And yes, the execution needs work, but the sense of the music is there and I heard a possible ending that I may not have heard with guitar in hand.  Now I know where to begin my next practice.  Life is very good.

Photo by Barry Stock.

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  1. Super moon. I remember this night. This morning confronting the darkness head on.