Friday, January 16, 2015

Music for Airplanes

A brief moment of quiet at the busy gate in Doha's Hameed International Airport.

So many thoughts, impressions these past couple days. Love flows.

Slept a bit on the flight from Kuala L to Doha. When coherent enough I practiced meditation until breakfast arrived.  Then I journaled about where I am, where I've been and where I might be.  A very rich morning within the plane.  With about an hour to go on the flight I decided to check out the in-flight audio offerings.  Though I tend not to listen to rock nor pop music in my early morning hours this was not quite morning and the "best of" classical music offerings did not hold interest.  

My iPod or the best of 1967?  Getting Better All the Time led the parade, moving onto Light my Fire and Let's Spend the Night Together?  Hormonal music from the time of my youth.  Energy shifting, neither good nor bad, just shifting.  What was the sound of that young man's heart as he entered his teen years?  

As I looked out the window I saw the sunrise over the Middle East.  Right on cue, the Byrds I Can See For Miles came on.  I could not have planned this. What does the sun rise sound like I wondered?  That great ball of energy that sustains our planet in a dynamic state that is astounding yet we hear nothing.  No bird song nor surf sounds today, just Mick Jagger blasting my ears in Jumpin' Jack Flash as I switched to the best of 1968.

Suddenly that riff that so captivated me as a young man arose in my ears - Pictures of Matchstick Men.  When was the last time I heard this.  Smiling, even chuckling as I listened.  Some how I knew that Tommy James & the Shondell's could not be far behind.  Contemplating the beautiful horizon of shifting tones & colors, I listened & pondered my life, our life.  Right on cue Mony Mony arrived and I was transported to Breezy Point on the Chesapeake Bay where our Church beach picnics were held.  I could see the older teens dancing to this tune, my sister amongst them.  Recalling the kegs of root beer next next to the regular keg beer and all of us being served in mugs.  The power of music to recall memories astounds me. 

While I still have an even longer flight from Doha to DC ahead of me, I'm ready for this ride to continue.  Tom Jone's Delilah blasts through the head phones as the pilot begins our descent.  The colors of sunrise so dazzling as my heart dances with joy.  My energy spikes a bit more as The Mighty Quinn by Manfred Mann arises within and without.  What was it about these lyrics that so had me in my youth?  One last glimpse of the colors of the horizon as the plane banks.  Do clouds hear I wonder?   I could not have scripted A Wonderful World by Louie Armstrong being sung as the wheels touched down on our Earth.  Truly what a wonderful world we live in, made more so by the power of music.

Photo by Andreas.

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