Monday, January 19, 2015

Structuring the Music of Life

Structure was the frequently word used by recent retirees I talked with in the past 2 years as I contemplated this decision for myself.  There were other words and notions, but this one both attracted and concerned me.  After all I was used to structuring my professional day and to optimize my free time to devote to music, family, & friends.  But what happens when the entire week is mine to do with as I wish?

The first six month period has passed with great fun with family, learning about music, poetry, the Alexander Technique, performance and life itself.  More time developing my meditation practice, our Qi Gong practice and long walks.  Major family obligations & vacations met and more to follow.  But now what does the next six month period hold?

The foundation practices of meditation & Qi Gong frame my day, weeks, and life. Reading, learning, and experiences will continue to inform and develop. Going back to a family discussion we had on New Years Eve, I did hear myself answer a 'what's next' query with time to record again. When, how and with whom to undertake this remains to be determined but now I have stated my intention to  proceed.  Now I can structure my musical practices to address the level of execution to effectively record the pieces to be chosen.  I will remain open to compositional opportunities as they arise.  Mornings are my most productive times so these will be given to music practice within the already established framework that sustains and nourishes my life.

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