Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Morning Sounds

The morning surf pounds the shoreline as the wind ruffles the curtains.  Sounds of life before the dawn.  From within the darkness, the Call to Prayer blends with the surf, urging us to wake up.  Though this is not my Call, it still awakens me.  A reminder to serve what is good, what is right.  The muezzin's voice carrying us beyond this moment to what could be.

The shuffle of feet of a loved one in the kitchen tending to coffee, while the surf incessantly sings through the night air.  No wave sounds the same.  Today the whoosh of a jet will carry us half way around the world to our home.  Leaving behind the surf and the warmth of loved ones.  The echoes of laughter, love, and joy will remain in our hearts.  The waves of wonder & delight will live on in our being.  I must be still for another moment, listen deeply; love.

Photo by Dai Luo

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