Sunday, January 18, 2015


Adjusting to winter on the East Coast of the US from the tropical paradise where we lived for 5 weeks has been challenging.  Sleep cycles have been disturbed and my energy notches down from where it had been.  I miss practicing Qi Gong at dawn on the shores of the Andaman Sea and today I woke up to cold and rain.

The good news is I picked up my Breedlove Guitar from my friend who was storing it during my absence yesterday.  I played her today and with the first note, knew why I love this guitar so much.  It took me over a week to adjust to playing my Ovation during our trip.  No adjustment at all to the Breedlove.  To hear that rich tone again, to move with ease about the neck is just heavenly.

After playing I took a long walk along Sligo Creek before the sunset.  Slowly my body is reviving. Now back to that Breedlove.

Photo by h.koopdelaney

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