Friday, January 9, 2015

Alternate Possibilites

What holds me back from being open to alternative ideas or possibilities?

Ignorance manifesting as lack of knowledge is one aspect which can be remedied with practical study.  Lack of technique in executing what can be heard requires exercise.  But when ignorance arises in the form of a fixed view this presents a different degree of difficulty.  One that requires probing and openness within.  How to listen for the unheard note, the one that lies beyond my prejudice?  This form of ignorance has ramifications which also manifest in the rest of life, perhaps this is part of the difficulty of working with fixed views.

Years ago in a conversation with a friend and playwright Nicole Burton, she told me that when she is stuck she works to take a scene in three different directions.  Not an easy task for me when I'm not sure where a piece wants to go next, but I work to remain open to this possibility.  Even if I do not resolve the current issue, by working with alternate possibilities, I learn.  Fruits of this learning nourish future endeavors and unknown connections are being made.  Vocabulary & technique are extended & developed, while the relationship with the muse is deepened.

Photo by Elliot Brown.

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