Friday, January 30, 2015

Surf the Edge

What happens at the edge?  Just about everything - growth, learning, art.  When you encounter a wave you surf with all that you are.  You fall, get up, surf another wave and fall again.  This is the nature of surfing.  All the while learning how to surf on the edge of water, even the edge of time.  Or you dive into the wave, into the unknown.  The water may let you go deeper water or it may slam you into the sand.  Limits are encountered and worked through.

Playing music is a form of surfing on waves of sound.  The act of playing music is where our inner world meets the outer world.  May I be alive in both.  Can I express what is in my heart, through my hands and a guitar?  Can I meet the edge in the present moment and enhance those who listen?  Will I seek the wave and ride with all of my being?

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