Saturday, January 17, 2015

What is the Sound of My Thoughts?

What is the sound of my thoughts?

Are they harmonious?

Do they serve me?  Serve the Whole?

Are they fixed? Open?

How often do I observe them?  Quiet them down and reflect on my thoughts?

What is the sound of a thought of another that I disagree with?

Why is the sound of my judgements so harsh?

Do I have a choice in the timbre of my thinking?

Can I choose a new scale of thoughts?

Can I change my thoughts as easily and regularly as I change my strings?

What thoughts resonate in the forgotten corners of my mind?  Those thoughts that are so 'me' as to be fixed?  Will I soften the tone of these thoughts? Any thoughts?

Can I practice new thoughts?  Will I?

When feelings flare can I question the playing of my thoughts?  Introduce a decrescendo?  Slow my tempo to observe my practice of this particular dissonant melody?

What is the sound of freedom within my thoughts?

Will I put more rests in the playing of my thoughts?

Photo by Dee Ashley.

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